Land of sunshine and citrus, Sicily keeps its roots, heritage from different domains. Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans made it a destination that attracts tourists from every continent.

Just landed in Sicily is a must to visit Palermo, the regional capital city of a thousand architectural implications: lost in the streets and breathe the scent of meat, fish and vegetables of different markets. The oldest and most popular of these is "The Vucciria”, born as a meatshop, now completely open. Going on with the tour will be attracted by the colors and several bakeries, which show “cannoli” and “cassata”, sweet typical cuisine of Sicily.

At 11 km from Palermo, north-west, is Mondello, equipped resort with many hotels and villas, through beautiful scenery of vegetation.

If you love trekking a tour on Etna volcano is ideal. At 49 km from Messina is Taormina, refined and elegant town on Mount Tauro, between rocky mountains and the Ionian Sea: has a wonderful landscape and welcomes visitors from around the world. To visit is certainly the theatre (third century B.C.), rebuilt by the Romans and the south coast of Giardini Naxos.

Steering southward, on board your yacht, or along the coast in luxury cars, Noto, near Syracuse, a city of Baroque masterpiece.

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